How to Survive and Finish a Spartan Race

How to Survive and Finish a Spartan Race

Do you enjoy running obstacle courses? Spartan race is an obstacle course that is set up for varying distances and difficulty levels. You can choose to run a 3 mile race up to marathon levels. Plus, they even have courses for kids too. You can sign up for a race near your hometown. The obstacle courses often change and you can see an extensive list of obstacles that were featured during the races on Wikipedia.

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Training for Race Day

Once you sign up for a race, you will need to start preparing for your race day. You will want to do a variety of cardio and strength training to prepare for race day. Plus, you can sign up for a training workout of the day on the Spartan website. They will send you workouts to help you train especially if you have never done an obstacle course before. The Spartan race is designed to challenge your whole body, mind, and spirit. As you are training, make sure that burpees are a top priority on your list (see reason in next paragraph)

Come Prepared to Race

It is wise to leave your valuables in the car or at home. You will want to try your hardest as you make your way through the obstacle course. According to Erin Beresini, if you skip or don’t complete an obstacle course in the Spartan Race you will have to do burpees.

Wear Appropriate Clothing on Race Day

Make sure that you are wearing appropriate clothing, the less is better, but remember that you will possibly get scratches in certain courses. You will likely get wet and muddy during the course. Do make sure that you train in the clothing that you are preparing to wear so that you make sure that it isn’t going to cause chaffing or feel uncomfortable. Leave your sunglasses, wallet, keys and everything you bring in a bag or leave it with someone in the stands. You don’t want to lose these things on the course.

Don’t Skimp on Shoes

You will want to wear comfortable shoes but you also don’t want to wear those brand new nike’s that you purchased a few days ago. Your shoes will get wet and muddy. It is best to find a comfortable lightweight cross trainer. Do make sure that you wear them prior to the race so that you aren’t wearing them for the first time on race day. There is nothing worse than getting a blister while you are running.

Try to Stay Calm

On race day, your nerves are probably going crazy as you are trying to mentally prepare the Spartan race as you are making the drive to the race location. Get all of your registration information and get signed in as early as possible. Do make sure that you stretch and warm up before you are set to begin your race. As you proceed through the race, there will be people who will try to break you. Just try to remain calm and keep going.

Invite your Buddies

Do Invite your Buddies to Join the Spartan Race

Do invite a buddy or several friends. It will make training for your race easier and you can motivate each other. You can even work together to help complete the obstacles. Don’t have a buddy to train with, do help someone else if possible along the way.

Order Your Spartan Race Gear

Don’t forget to order Spartan Race gear. They have a wide variety of t-shirts, hats, watches, shoes, and trifecta gear.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, visit the Spartan website to find a race near you. Do register as quickly as possible, space may be limited. I wish you luck and hope that you do well at the Spartan Race.

Have you heard of the Spartan Race? Have you ever participated in an obstacle course?