How You Can Prevent a Lifetime of Back Pain

Do you wish that you could prevent lifetime back pain? Because let’s face it, it’s a literal pain in the back.

We live in a time where most people spend a majority of their day sitting down.

From sitting at the office to sitting at home, we spend a majority of our time well, sitting.

So, how does this have an effect on our backs over the years?

Well, sitting down actually puts 40 percent more pressure on your back than standing does, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

So it would seem the answer would be just to get up and walk around more right? And although that is partially true, it’s only part of the solution to prevent back pain.

Here are some ways you can prevent a lifetime of back pain, which equals to a lifetime filled with freedom and less bodily stress.

Put Down That Bag

Whether it’s carrying a heavy backpack or an overstuffed purse, overloading something that you carry with you often is a fast way to hurt your back.

A good rule of thumb is that your bag or purse should not weigh more than 10 percent of your body weight, according to the American Chiropractic Association.

Another good tip is if you are a purse holder; try to re-distribute the weight into two bags that you carry on both shoulders instead of one, which will put less pressure on just one side of your back.

How You Can Prevent a Lifetime of Back Pain

Get a New Mattress

It might seem pretty obvious, but since most people sleep on their back every night most back related pain can be traced to your mattress.

Although family heirlooms are great to have, your mattress should not be one of them. It’s best to replace your mattress every five to seven years, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Also, it’s important that the mattress is neither too firm nor too soft, it should be right in the middle. You can call it the “Goldie Locks” rule of thumb.

Get Physical…Physically Active That Is

Building healthy muscles is a sure way to prevent future bodily pain, especially back pain.

Being active and keeping your body moving prevents that pressure that sitting gives you and builds the muscles around your spine to properly support it and protect it.

Although there are times when exercising might seem to cause back pain, it’s actually best to try to work through it because unless it is a serious injury, exercise will help it in the end.

How You Can Prevent a Lifetime of Back Pain

Be Careful With the Weights

Even though exercising is a key ingredient to decreasing back pain, overdoing it with the weights could actually get you into trouble in the back department.

>Now don’t mistake it, lifting weights is essential to a good and well-rounded exercise routine, the key is to make sure the weights aren’t overly heavy and that you have the correct form and are always adequately bending your knees when you lift.

Try Some Flats

To all you ladies out there, although those heels look beautiful on your feet they might wreak havoc on your back over time.

But getting too casual can also negatively affect your back, like flip-flops which can cause instability when you walk, thus causing back discomfort, according to research from Leigh University. They found that by just giving a test group with back pain flexible, lightweight shoes with a good cushion 80 percent of them reported their backs feeling a lot less pain.

Call the Doctor

One of the most important things you can do to prevent severe and lasting damage to your back is that if you have persistent and severely uncomfortable back pain, go and visit a doctor, especially one that specializes in back treatments.

All it takes is a search on the internet such as “back pain Idaho Falls” to connect you with someone who can help to see what is going on and fix it before the situation has to turn into something drastic like surgery.

According to Walker Spine and Sports Specialists in Idaho Falls, Idaho, most individuals will have back pain, at least once in their lifetime. However, there are measures which can be taken, to relieve most back pain without invasive surgery.

How You Can Prevent a Lifetime of Back Pain

Have you ever struggled with back pain? If so, do you wish that you knew how to prevent a lifetime of back pain years ago so that you could take better care of your back?