Lunchtime Workout: How to Look Professional When You Can’t Shower at Work

Do you ever need freshen up after a lunchtime workout? Most offices usually don’t have a shower for employees to clean up before heading back to work. The last thing you want to do is offend your coworkers with your post workout stench. Working out at lunchtime is a great way to sneak in those extra steps or the opportunity to do some strength training using body weight exercises.

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When I worked in the corporate world, I would often walk during part of my lunch hour. Having an hour for lunch, gave me plenty of time to eat lunch, get in 30 minutes exercise, and freshen up before heading back to my cubicle. Showering after a workout is ideal but when you don’t have access to one, you have to find a way to fresh up quickly in the restroom. Use this guide to pack your gym bag with the following essentials and set it near the door so that you don’t forget it on your way out the door.

Workout Clothes

We highly suggest that you pack your favorite workout gear in your gym bag. While some might see it fit to walk outside in jeans and shirt, you don’t want to walk outside wearing dressy clothes.

Change of Undergarments

Most likely if you workout at lunchtime, your undergarments will absorb a bulk of the sweat (at least it does for me). Changing undergarments before heading back to work will leave you feeling refreshed even if you don’t have the opportunity to shower at work.

Pro tip: Don’t sweat if you forget your undergarments at home. You can always go commando if need be.

Lunchtime Workout: How to Look Professional When You Can't Shower at Work

Water Bottle

After a workout, it is important to rehydrate after your lunchtime workout in order to prevent muscle cramps. Fill up your water bottle before heading back to your desk and sip on it the rest of the afternoon. Plus, drinking plenty of water helps ward off those mid-afternoon hunger pangs.

Wash Cloth

Pack a washcloth inside of a ziplock bag into your gym bag. If you don’t have the opportunity to shower, a wet washcloth gives you the opportunity to wipe down your body in the restroom.

You can also use it to help cool yourself off. Use it to get rid of your red face post workout. Simply soak in lukewarm or cool water and then place it on your face. Also, you can use it on the back of your neck.

Hand Towel

Keep an old hand towel in your gym bag. Use it to put down on the bathroom floor before slipping out of those sweaty workout clothes. Don’t forget to wash it with your sweaty gym clothes when you get home from work. You don’t want to reuse it the next day since you don’t know what germs were lurking around on the bathroom floor.

Lunchtime Workout: How to Look Professional When You Can't Shower at Work 2

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo comes in handy when you are unable to wash your hair post-workout. It helps absorb the oil and leaves your hair smelling fresh.

Pro tip: If you are using powdered dry shampoo, you want to make sure that your hair is dry first. According to Total Beauty, not all dry shampoos are created equal.


We can’t express the importance of packing deodorant in your gym bag. But you don’t want to walk into your afternoon meeting, smelling like a gym. Opt for either a dry spray or cream based deodorant especially during the summertime.


Wipes are a necessity for freshening up when you can’t shower after your lunchtime workout. We recommend ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes. They work similar to a washcloth to clean your body with 1 wipe. Unlike baby wipes, they are FDA approved scientific formula that is proven to kill 99.99% of germs including staph and ringworm.

In a pinch, baby wipes will suffice.

Gold Bond Powder

It isn’t a secret that both men and women’s nether regions tend to sweat during and after working out. A quick wipe down there might help clean you up temporarily but it is almost guaranteed to start sweating again before your body fully cools off. Sprinkle a small amount of Gold Bond Powder into your hand, put the powder where you need it, and finish getting dressed.


Keep a travel sized bottle of your favorite mouthwash in your gym bag. It is a quick way to freshen your breath and kill the bacteria that is responsible for bad breath. Plus, it is a great way to remove food debris from lunch too.

Most corporate employees are forced to spend their time at their desk during lunch because their workload demands extra time at the office. Or others tend to go to lunch with co-workers on a regular basis to restaurants or fast food joints. Both of these unhealthy actions are causing more individuals to live a sedentary lifestyle, suffer from a bulging waistline, or both.

Working out during your lunch hour is a great way to knock out your daily workout, especially if you are strapped for time. If you decided to work out during your lunch hour, you need to fill your gym bag with these necessary items so that your co-workers aren’t offended by your post-workout stench.

Lunchtime Workout: How to Look Professional When You Can’t Shower at Work

Have you ever worked out during lunchtime? How did you freshen up after your lunchtime workout?