It is a situation that we have all been in. You have been catching up with friends or family and enjoying a few drinks. But what do you do when it’s time to get home? How do you make sure you get home safely if you have been drinking?

Hitch a Ride Home

Well, one option is to leave your car where it is and walk home, before coming back to pick it up the next day. If your journey isn’t walkable then using apps like Uber or GoCatch, make ordering a taxi easier than ever before.

Is it Safe to Drive Home After One or Two Drinks?

But what if you have only had one or two drinks, or you would prefer to drive yourself? What can you do to help make sure you get home safely?

The United States and Australia have strict laws about drinking alcohol and driving, with the general legal limit set at 0.05 blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Learners and probationary license holders must have a 0.00 BAC. This means that they can not consume any alcohol. Any alcohol consumption can mean that they are over the legal limit.

Those driving professionally are subject to a legal limit of 0.02 BAC.

How to Make it Home Safely if you Have Been Drinking?

Number of Accidents Caused by Drinking Alcohol

Figures released by the Transport Accident Commission state that across 2014 and 2015, 17% of those killed in road traffic accidents were found to have a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit.

Everyone Metabolizes Alcohol Differently

But what does this mean? How many drinks can you have before going over the legal limit? And how do you know if it is safe for you to drive your car home? One of the major problems in answering these questions is that each person’s body metabolizes, or burns alcohol at a different rate. Alcoholic drinks measure the alcohol in units, but one unit can result in different blood alcohol readings in different people, based on a number of factors such as your gender, weight or age.

Personal Breathalysers Can Help You Determine if You Have Had too Much to Drink

One option for working out your alcohol reading is personal breathalyzers. There are many devices on sale on sites like Amazon or Ebay that will check your breath alcohol reading for you. Some of these devices use chemical compounds to determine the reading, while others are digital and use sensors.

You can buy such devices from as little as £5. However, the quality and accuracy of these devices vary greatly. One reliable device is the Personal Breathalyser KY8300 from the company Australian Dynamic Technologies. You can read about their device here. These

One reliable device is the Personal Breathalyser KY8300 from the company Australian Dynamic Technologies. You can read about their device here. These breathalyzers can be a good way of finding out what your breath alcohol level is, and therefore how impaired your driving is likely to be. You do need to remember that such devices need to be used properly in order to give an accurate reading.

Use a Breathalyzer the Morning After to Make Sure Your Sober

One further area that a personal breathalyzer may help keep you safe is during the morning after you have been drinking.  A lot of people unknowingly get into trouble by automatically assuming they are fit to drive the morning after they have been out drinking. However, the residual alcohol in your system can lead you to being above the legal drink drive limit, even after a good night’s sleep. Pocket breathalyzers can, therefore, be a good way of gauging if you are still drunk from the night before, before you get in the car the next morning.

Use Public Alcohol Breathalyzers if Available

Another option for making sure you are safe to drive home are Public Alcohol Breathalyzers. These tend to be wall mounted breathalyzer machines and can be found in many bars and clubs across Australia. These machines are Australian Standard Approved and provide quick and reliable alcohol readings, allowing you to gauge your level of impairment.

Breathalyzers can be a good way of knowing how much alcohol is in your system. Keep in mind however that the only way to be 100% sure that you are under the drinking and driving limit is not to drink and drive at all.

Drive safe!

Would you use a pocket breathalyzer to check your blood alcohol levels before choosing to drive home after drinking?