How Often Should You Replace Your Lipstick?

How long has it been since you replaced your lipstick? Lipstick isn’t made to last forever.  Unless you are obsessed with a color, it is highly unlikely that you have ever used an entire tube of lipstick. But chances are you don’t wear your favorite lip color on a daily basis and a tube of lipstick could easily hide in your makeup collection way beyond its recommended use. According to BirchBox, the average tube of lipstick can be swiped 293 times and last three months, if you continued to use your favorite color every day.

Disclosure: I received Lipsense lipcolor and gloss in order to facilitate this post. All thoughts and opinions on the lip color are 100% my own.

What is the longest you have held onto a single tube of lipstick?

I’m guilty of hoarding keeping a tube of lipstick or other makeup in my collection for over 5 years. It is quite embarrassing to admit this and I hope that I am not alone.

How Often Should You Replace Your Lipstick?

I personally don’t wear a ton of make-up and love the natural look so I tend to wear lipstick only on special occasions. Based upon make experts, my entire collection of makeup needs to go in the trash unless it isn’t opened.

A tube of lipstick and makeup has a long shelf life until you open the packaging. Once the air is exposed to your makeup, specific ingredients start oxidizing and begin to degrade. Also, every time you use your tube of lipstick it is exposed to germs and other debris such as oil and dirt on your lips.

Toss Your Favorite Lipstick for the Following Reasons

Here is a set of recommended reason on why you should replace your tube of lipstick:

  • melted at the bottom of your purse
  • obvious change in pigment
  • separated ingredients
  • lipstick that has a high percentage of water should be pitched more often
  • toss when you have a cold sore or highly contagious infections such as strep or staph infection
  • when it smells like old, stale oil
  • causes you to break out every time you wear it
  • sharing makeup is never a good idea so if someone uses your lipstick you should toss it out
  • toss it out if you have had it for 2 years (we recommend adding the date that you opened your tube of lipstick on so that you can easily determine how long you have had it)

Have your Tried Lipsense Yet?

Lipsense Review

My sister raved about how wonderful that Lipsense was and I was a wee bit curious if it was really worth the hype. I normally hate wearing lipstick or lip color because it has to be reapplied frequently. So when Red Gate Beauty was looking for bloggers to give Lipsense a try, I quickly submitted my information. It took me roughly 30 minutes to figure out which color that I wanted to try. haha But there was just so many great choices to choose from.

I ended up choosing Strawberry Shortcake and it was the perfect choice for my skin tone. I’m not one to wear bold colors. The first time that I applied Lipsense, it only lasted about 4 hours but this didn’t scare me off since I didn’t reapply the glossy gloss after I ate dinner. Plus, the documentation that I received with my Lipsense samples warned me that it is possible the first few times that you do wear it that it won’t last the full 18 hours.

The first few days of wearing Lipsense, your lips go through an exfoliation process. This process helps remove dead skin and old wax based lipstick or gloss build-up. It takes about a full weeks use for the Lipsense to exfoliate your lips but you can apply gloss before bed to help speed up the process.

Applying Lipsense is a bit different than traditional wax-based lipsticks. It is important that you clean and dry your lips prior to application. Then apply a thin layer in a swiping motion with your mouth open. Don’t touch your lips together and wait 10 seconds after application and repeat the process three times. It is normal that the Lipsense will make your lips tingle when applied. The product contains cosmetic grade denatured alcohol which creates a bacteria-free environment, unlike traditional lipstick. After you apply 2 or 3 coats, wait 10 seconds for the last coat to dry and then add glossy gloss. Apply the glossy gloss often to keep your lips soft and protect the color.

Hints and Tips

  • Apply glossy gloss often.
  • Remove any mistakes using ops remover.
  • Invest in ops remover to remove accidents on the go.
  • Mix and match colors to create new shades.
  • Don’t use wax based chapstick or lipstick.
  • Use oil-based makeup remover, Neutrogena unscented bar soap, or Castille soap to remove Lipsense at the end of the day.
  • Store at room temperature and avoid high temperatures.
  • Using waxed based products instead of Lipsense glosses will break down color.

Lipsense Review

Now that I have tried Lipsense myself, I am a believer. I love that I can kiss my husband without leaving lipstick smudges on his face. I’m sure he appreciates that as well. 🙂 It also lives up to its claim about being smudge proof, waterproof, and you won’t find it on your cup or napkin. Lipsense also lasts longer than traditional lipstick or lip color due to the cosmetic grade denatured alcohol added to each Lipsense tube.

Red Gate Beauty is offering my readers a 15% discount so that you can become a Lipsense believer too. Use coupon code: bloggymoms15 at checkout. Click here to shop and save.

How Often Should You Replace Your Lipstick

What is the longest that you have ever held onto a tube of lipstick? Have you tried Lipsense yet?