How to Prevent Common Workout Injuries

Workout injuries can happen to anyone who is active, no matter what your fitness level is. Even walking can potentially cause an injury. However, you can cut your risk of getting hurt significantly by following exercise precautions.

According to experts, there are at least two reasons why you may get a workout-related injury. First, is poor posture during the day, which eventually weakens the entire musculoskeletal structure. Another reason is when you try to do so much at one time which causes a strain on the body.



How To Prevent Workout Injuries

There are simple ways to ensure that you reduce or help keep yourself from getting these common workout injuries. As a general rule, you need to pay attention to these rules to prevent injuries. Women aged 55 years and over and men who are 45 years old and older should always check with their healthcare provider before starting any exercise program.

Warm Up and Cool Down

It is important to warm up before every workout to ensure that the muscles and surrounding tissues receive the right amount of blood, as well as, nutrients to perform the required tasks during the exercise. A warm-up will help your body get ready for the actual exercise. This will gradually increase your heart rate and loosen your muscles. Skipping warm-ups can result in painful muscle tear that will take the time to heal and prevent you from working out for several weeks.

Some common workout that you can try are:
•    Jump rope
•    Ride an exercise bike
•    Jog in place for 5 to 10 minutes

How to Prevent Common Workout Injuries


Do dynamic stretching before and after your workout. This will help increase your flexibility and avoid possible injuries during your exercise. It is best to stretch after you warm up and cool down.

Ease Into It

When you begin an exercise routine or start a new workout program, you’d want to start slowly. Gradually build up the intensity, frequency, and duration. As your fitness abilities improve you will also increase the challenges.

Common Workout Injuries

  • Muscle pull and strain
  • Shoulder injury
  • Shin splints
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprained ankle
  • Wrist sprain or dislocation

Foot and Ankle

Since you spend most of your time on your desk or in front of your computer with rounded shoulders, your foot and ankle receive much of the pressure when exercising. To prevent such problem, use a running shoe that isn’t too high in the heel, or tries a walking shoe, cross trainer or tennis shoe. This will help spread the impact to the whole foot and will effectively prevent problems such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, anterior compartment syndrome.

Knee Injuries

When you have a desk job, you do not use your knee muscles at all. When you decide on a workout, your knees will become stressed. To prevent such problem, exercise with a lunge which lets your hip and ankle bend together, this also stabilizes and strengthens the knee.

Lower Back Pain

When you work all day on your desk, you will not be able to extend your upper back properly, which puts the brunt of the stress on your lower back instead. To reduce this problem, remember to stretch and strengthen your core muscles and your back to help compensate for your low back pain.

When working out, you put different stress on various parts of your body. Make sure to give enough time to prepare your body for your workout to avoid these common workout injuries.

How to Prevent Common Workout Injuries

Have you ever gotten hurt while working out? Do you have any additional tips to help prevent these common workout injuries?