How and Why We Should Protect Ourselves from Noise Pollution

No matter where you are right now, try to listen around. Is it quiet? Odds are, it is not. You’re either hearing the traffic outside your window, the sirens, some kids playing, and even if there is no noise coming from the outside, there are probably items all around you that are making some noise. Your appliances are humming, your phone is chirping and your mouse is clicking. All around us, all the time, there is noise. And it might be more dangerous than you think.

Hidden Dangers of Everyday Noise

Some noise is harmless; the low hum of a refrigerator or a fan might even help reduce stress because it subconsciously reminds us of the sounds from our mother’s womb, but other noises might not be so forgiving. It’s speculated that three in every one hundred deaths blamed on heart disease are actually caused by noise. Sudden or loud noise can make your body produce more adrenalin, cortisol (a hormone that increases belly fat), and noradrenaline, all of which can over time lead to high blood pressure and, eventually, stroke or heart failure.

There are some effects that you have probably experienced during your life, due to noise: headaches, nervousness, nausea, and irritability, or in some cases, even anxiety, stress and fright. There are times we can brush these off, saying it’s due to the lack of sleep, dehydration or a bad day, but more often than not, these are all effects of noise pollution. Some noise, like aircraft or sirens, can cause the feelings of depression in areas previously affected by war.

Protecting yourself

Most of the time, we can’t affect the noise around us. Planes do not stop flying and cars don’t stop driving because we’re bothered by them, but there are ways to protect ourselves from the noise:

Indoor noise

One of the ways to protect ourselves is to try and lower the number and intensity of loud noises we hear during the day. Turning off unnecessary alarms, setting our ringtone to a lower volume, or even turning it off completely and just letting the vibration notify us are all great way of doing this. While you’re sleeping, make sure that the sounds on your phone are turned off, because artificial noise can disrupt your natural sleeping cycle and create health-related issues down the line.

How and Why We Should Protect Ourselves from Noise Pollution

Outdoor noise

But what about the noise that comes in from the outside? Sometimes, closing the windows can block the noise, or closing the door to the next room over, where someone is still being loud while you are trying to sleep, but what if just closing the doors and windows is not enough to block out the noise? There are ways to protect ourselves from that too. Soundproofing your house will greatly reduce your exposure to noise pollution and improve your quality of life. Sometimes soundproofing your whole house is a long and expensive process, but there are little steps you can take that will go a long way. Soundproofing your windows is one of those options, and hiring professionals to install double glazed windows in Canberra is a popular and worthwhile investment.

Invasive soundproofing options like earplugs or noise-reducing headphones can often be uncomfortable and even dangerous, but soundproofing your home from the outside is completely safe and helps you lead a much healthier and productive life.

So, try and ensure a healthy day and night for you and your family by taking all the precautions to reduce noise pollution in your home, ensuring a productive work and developing environment, creating a healthier living space, and making sure that everyone can have a good night’s sleep.

How and Why We Should Protect Ourselves from Noise Pollution

Are you concerned about noise pollution? What are you doing to protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of noise pollution?