We Are On a Quest to go Rock Hunting

Rocking hunting? We promise that we haven’t lost our marbles. Rock hunting is a new popular craze that has been showing up in our timeline on Facebook. It is very similar to geocaching and Pokemon Go. As parents, during the summer time, it is hard to get the kids unglued from the television, tablets, or smartphones for extended periods of time.

About The Kindness Rocks Project™

The Kindness Rocks Project™, all started as a way to spread kindness and an inspirational message using painted rocks. The rocks are intentionally dropped or placed in places that random strangers can find them along their journey. Most of the rocks are in plain sight while other’s are a bit more challenging to find. The goal behind the new craze is to get people to help spread kindness and inspirational messages to others. We hope that people keep this in mind as they play this fun treasure hunting game.

The goal behind the new craze is to get people to help spread kindness and inspirational messages to others. We hope that people keep this in mind as they play this fun treasure hunting game. With so much crazy stuff happening in the world around us, it is nice to see positive movements happening. The rules are fairly simple and we hope that you enjoy this new trend.

The Rules

  1. Find a group in your local area. We found a group on Facebook and requested to join. It is fun playing with a group and it is a great way to share/find hints.
  2. Gather some flat rocks, spray paint, paint pens, and Modge Podge outdoor sealant. Enjoy painting rocks with your family and friends. (while this is optional it is a fun step) Create your own design from your heart along with a message on the back if you wish. If you need design inspiration ideas, you can search Pinterest. Also, most groups love it if you write the groups #hashtag or group name so that way the rocks original origin can be tracked.
  3. Respect other people’s property. Do ask for permission to leave a rock on private property including businesses. Skip leaving rocks in National Parks and Forests since they have a leave no trace rule. The no trace rule means that you can’t leave items that weren’t already there.  Also, it is frowned upon to leave rocks on ATM or gas pumps too.
  4. When finding rocks to paint, we encourage you to check creek beds, in nature or buy them from your local hardware store. Never take other people’s or businesses landscape rocks.
  5. All rocks need to be family friendly since the goal of the project is to bring families together. Kids often times find rocks and they don’t need to stumble upon something inappropriate
  6.  This may seem like a no-brainer but we highly suggest that you wear appropriate footwear.
  7. Many groups have recommended hiding rocks at night so that other’s don’t see you but this can be unsafe depending on the location. If you do go out at night, you should always use extra caution.
  8. Use caution when hiding rocks in wooded or heavy brush. Snakes blend in and you could be bitten.
  9. Don’t hoard the rocks while rock hunting. Leave rocks for other people to find too. Younger kids tend to get discouraged if they can’t find any rocks.
  10. You can keep a rock but it is best to rehide them so that way other people have rocks to find.
  11. Have fun!

Essentials Needed for Rock Hunting

We made a few mistakes today when we headed out on our quest to go rock hunting. Our team doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes so I came up with a list of essentials items so that you and your family can enjoy time outdoors together. It is super hot in Texas this time of the year and it is best to head out rock hunting before 10 am or after dusk.


If you plan to spend any time outdoors, we recommend that you slather on the sunscreen to avoid getting a sunburn. Do remember to reapply it often if you are sweating.

Breakfast or Snacks on the Go

We headed to 7-Eleven to pick up Quest Beyond Cereal bars on our way to find a place to go rock hunting. I grabbed the Quest Beyond Cereal bars so that we could have a healthy breakfast tomorrow morning. However, since it was an impromptu rock hunting venture and we didn’t plan on hunting rocks for over an hour. But we ended up having a hard time finding any rocks so we ended up going to several locations and our tummies were all growling. So I went back to the truck and grabbed several Quest Beyond Cereal bars so that we could sit down for a snack.

Quest Beyond Cereal bars come in 3 flavors: chocolate, waffle, and cinnamon roll. Most commercial cereal bars contain sugar and unhealthy grains that can leave you running on empty before lunch time. We choose Quest Cereal bars because Quest makes their cereal bars using protein. Each bar contains 12 grams of protein, 2 or 3 grams net carbs, 6-7 grams of fiber, and best of all they are only 110 calories. The fun flavors will bring out the inner child in all of us.

Stop by 7-Eleven anytime to grab a healthy snack on the go or feed your family breakfast on your next road trip.

We Are On a Quest to go Rock Hunting


With temperatures soaring to 90 degrees or higher during the summer, it is important to stay hydrated when you are outside. When we left the house to run our errands, we grabbed drinks to go but I didn’t think to pick up extra water while we were at 7-Eleven. The drinks that we had brought from home quickly disappeared and we had to head home.

Small Bag

It is possible that you will find more than a handful of rocks while you are out on your rock hunting adventure. We suggest carrying a small bag to carry your rocks in. Remember that it is fine to take more than one rock from a location, it is best not to hoard them.

Since we didn’t contribute any rocks of our own, we simply rehid the rocks that we found in the same area in a different spot. It is perfectly acceptable to take the rocks that you find and hide them in a new location.

Cell Phone

Having a cell phone for rock hunting is optional. However, it is fun to take photos of the rocks that you find on your adventure. It isn’t necessary to be glued to your phone like you do when you are playing Pokemon Go or geocaching.

Having a cell phone handy can be useful for finding hints in your local Facebook rock groups if you are having trouble finding rocks for your kids to find. You can also share hints for others in your Facebook group.


Your eye health is just as important as your skin, it is important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays too. Don’t forget to grab your sunglasses on your way out the door.

We Are On a Quest to go Rock Hunting

Insect Repellant

Do you plan on going rock hunting in the late evening? Insect repellant is a must this year, especially, in certain areas of the United States. Mosquito and tick bites can spread viruses and bacteria that could be dangerous to your health. Using insect repellant containing at least 40% deet greatly reduces your chances of contracting potentially harmful viruses and bacteria.

We had a ton of fun rock hunting and plan on doing it some more this summer. It is a great way to get families together and spend time outdoors. When you are looking for rocks, you are up moving around and not attached to a screen.

We Are On a Quest to go Rock Hunting

Do you plan on going rock hunting this summer?