How to Stay Fit and Healthy Over 50

Many people who turn and cross 50 start experiencing many physical, psychological and lifestyle changes. But, fortunately, some of these changes are positive: you have more time for yourself and your hobbies, you become less fearful and judgmental and you experience and wisdom have never been bigger. But, in order to stay that amazing well into old age, you must stay fit and healthy. Here are some tips.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

Unfortunately, as you get older, your metabolism slows down and burns fewer calories. In order to stay fit, you must pay extra attention to the calories you’re taking. Forget empty cals from sweets, and concentrate on veggies, fruit, and leafy greens. Also, increase the intake of low-fat dairy, vitamin B12 and D to strengthen your bones. You’ll feel (and look) much better.

Eat Healthy Fats

Saturated fats are bad for people any age, because they destroy artery and heart health, and harm your memory and concentration. So, eat less red meat, butter, and other similar foods, and replace them with fats from fish and plants such as flaxseed and nuts. These healthy fats actually have many benefits to both heart and brain.

Get a Furry Friend

How to Stay Fit and Healthy Over 50

If your nest is getting emptier,  consider adopting a pet. For some still unexplained reason, people with pets might have lower cholesterol, healthier heart and are in better overall shape than people without these fun furry friends. Having a dog who likes walks is also a great way to keep up with your daily exercise and get some fresh air and the sun. Plus, they are guaranteed to make you laugh with their shenanigans.

Keep Your Joints Strong

Many people think that exercise destroys knees and joints, but actually, research suggests just the opposite. It might even make your joints stronger, so don’t give up on your light jogs just yet. On the other hand, if your joints are damaged, you can still find a way to exercise, just opt for walking, swimming or biking. Exercise will keep your muscles strong, support your joints and ease the pain.

Get Into Yoga

How to Stay Fit and Healthy Over 50

Especially if you suffer from stiff joints, weight problems and sore muscles, sign up for yoga classes. Yoga’s great for body and mind since it eases both physical and mental tension. Look for a studio that offers beginner or senior classes that will slowly ease you into this amazing practice.

Keep Your Brain Engaged

You must keep your thinker thinking! Reading is a great way to engage your brain and keep it young, but it’s also a great stress-reduction tool. So, read whatever you like, whether it’s Jane Austen or Stephen Hawking. If reading’s not your cup of tea, go for crossword or puzzles. You can also try something completely new. Go see new places, meet new people or learn a new language or instrument. Any new experience builds new connections in the brain and keeps it healthy and young.

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Seek Help

Even though you’re only over 50, but it’s a fact that some things don’t come easy anymore, so don’t be scared or embarrassed to ask for help. Need help in the garden or with getting your groceries? Not a problem! Companies can help you find a helper who will give you a hand with all your daily chores and tasks on the days you’re not feeling your best, and that’s totally ok.

As you can see, your 50s can actually be the best years of your life, as long as you take a bit more care of your body and mind. Eat smarter and don’t hesitate to exercise your body and brain, and you’ll set the foundation for healthy and fit old age.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy Over 50

How do you plan to stay fit and healthy over 50?