Have you ever used an exercise ball when you exercise? I have been working on strengthening my core and the therapist has been using a few exercises that involve an exercise ball. I wanted one so that I could continue doing the exercises that I have been learning from my therapist at home. Today, I wanted to share some tips on how to use an exercise ball for beginners.

Disclosure: I received an exercise ball from Dynapro Direct in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own except for the video descriptions.

An exercise ball is great for improving your core muscles, flexibility, posture, and balance. It is also a popular tool in helping physical therapists and chiropractors for helping patients rehabilitate any injuries to their back, hip, and knees. I have included a few videos to help my readers who suffer from back, hip, and knee pain to help strengthen their core muscles. Do use caution if you haven’t ever done these exercises before. Some of the exercises shown in the videos below do require some strength and flexibility so feel free to skip those exercises until you are stronger.

Core & Back Strengthening Exercises (Basic)

Video Information: These Swiss Ball (or Exercise Ball) back strengthening exercises are a simple way to get your core strong. This will help protect your back and prevent injuries. The Swiss ball uses an unstable surface to work your core muscles and keep them strong.

100 Abs Exercises on the Ball

Video Information: The only stability ball ab workout resource you’ll ever need! Rob demonstrates 100 of the many variations of abs exercises using the stability ball. Exercises are presented in groups of 10, so to progress through the stages, work on one group at a time in your abs workout. Once you can complete 30 seconds of each exercise with perfect form, then you can move on to the next stage.

Best Stability Ball Exercises For Beginners

Video Information: Total body workout with a stability ball, specifically created for core training and total body toning. Best for beginners. Tone your abs, core, butt, legs, and more.

Easy Abs Workout With Ball ♦ Beginner Exercise Ball Workout

Video Information: Tone & Flatten you Abs

My Thoughts on the Stability Ball from Dynapro Direct

I want to thank Dynapro Direct for sponsoring today’s post. They sent me an exercise ball so that I could continue to do my exercises to improve my core muscles. I have used my exercise ball on several occasions and will continue to use it for many years to come. The exercise ball comes in a nice compact box and is very easy to inflate. Don’t worry it comes with a pump to inflate it. Just be careful not to over inflate your ball.

You can also use your exercise ball while you are watching tv, sitting at your desk, or in place of a chair. Make sure that you are sitting up tall with your back straight. Sitting on the exercise ball will make you work your core muscles too.

Once you have your ball, you can begin using your exercise ball for beginners to follow along with the videos that I posted above.

Strengthen your Core Muscles Using an Exercise Ball

Have you used a stability ball to help build your core muscles?