The Flipbelt – The World’s Best Fitness and Running Belt

The Flipbelt - The World's Best Fitness and Running Belt

Are you tired of bogging down your pockets full of essential items just so that you can go walking, bike riding, hiking, or running? I want to introduce you to a cool gadget that will keep your stuff safe without the need of wearing a bulky fanny pack or even a backpack for all of your stuff.

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There Has to Be an Alternative Solution

I remember growing up that I used to tie my car keys to the string in my soccer shorts and hope that I didn’t lose them while I was running. I usually had to tuck into the waist band to try and keep them from bouncing around. Of course, this is long before the days of carrying cell phones with us every where we go. I always like carrying my cell phone with me when I am out and about because you just never know if your are going to have an accident or need to make an emergency phone call. I couldn’t imagine running while keeping my cell phone in my hand or wearing uncomfortable shorts with pockets either.

Check out The Flipbelt – The World’s Best Fitness and Running Belt

The Flipbelt Worlds Best Fitness and Running Belt

I stumbled across a FlipBelt which was made with runners in mind. The Flipbelt allows you to go walking, hiking, or running hands-free. The belt is designed to hold your keys, cell phone, energy bars, GPS, or gel packs. The Flipbelt comes in 9 different colors. It is made from high-tech Spandex-Lycra blend material and has an internal pocket system with 4 different openings. 

No Clasps, Buttons, or Zippers to Poke Into Your Skin or Come Undone

Once you place your keys, cell phone, ect into the Flipbelt, simply flip it over and all of your belongings are secure. There are no clasps, buttons, or zippers that could potentially come undone while you are running. You simply slide the belt on just like a pair of shorts. Wear the Flipbelt around your waist.

The Flipbelt Stays Where it Belongs

The great thing about The Flipbelt is that it doesn’t move, jiggle, bounce, or cause chaffing. You simply slide the belt on, add your essential items, and are set to go. The Flipbelt is so sleek and you can even wear it under your clothes so that you don’t have to carry your wallet or purse.

Easy to Clean

Plus, it is machine washable too. Just toss it in the washing machine with all of your other running gear and keep it smelling fresh.

Size Chart for The Flipbelt

See the following graphic for Flipbelt sizing information.

Size Chart for the Flipbelt

You can purchase The Flipbelt on Amazon or click the photos for more information!

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Do you have a running belt? If not, what are you currently using to hold your keys, cell phone while you are out exercising?