The Most Common Dental Procedures Performed by Dentists

Nobody particularly likes visiting the dentist. Even though they are sometimes some of the most wonderful people, going there usually involves pain, discomfort or, at the very best, drinking a not-so-tasty liquid. But regular visits to the dentist are crucial for good oral health, and we should never wait for a problem to occur just to visit the dentist, disregarding regular check-ups. And when a problem does occur, you should go immediately, because a toothache is only going to get worse. But what are the most common problems and procedures that we visit the dentist for?


When you have a tooth that is decaying, you will need a cavity filling. It is a routine procedure and you will be out of there before you know it. The first step is hollowing out the decayed part of the tooth and making sure there is nothing left behind that can attack the tooth from the inside once it’s sealed.

When the tooth is cleaned out, it is then filled with dental fillings that mimic the tooth’s natural structure and hold the tooth together. This seal prevents bacteria getting into the tooth and decaying it any further. The shape of the tooth is carefully sculpted to make sure it fits in just like your regular tooth used to.


Crooked teeth are not uncommon and many people wear braces, preferably while they are young and still developing, because the body will adapt the easiest. But as we get older, it becomes a problem to put in metal braces out of fear of looking childish or unattractive. Luckily, there are now more options than ever for anyone to obtain their perfectly straight teeth.

There is a clinic that offers Invisalign in Maroubra where you can schedule an appointment and get all of the information on this new treatment. They have been increasing in popularity all over Australia, and it’s not hard to see why. It is basically invisible braces that you can take out whenever you need to. They can be full, covering all of your teeth, or just partial.

The Most Common Dental Procedures Performed by Dentists

Tooth Extractions

This might be one of the scariest procedures that people imagine because the horror image of a dentist pulling out someone’s tooth has been scaring children for ages. But that is really not what the procedure looks like, and it definitely doesn’t hurt. It is done under anesthesia and it is perfectly safe.

Furthermore, dentists only resort to this method when the tooth is completely beyond repair. And, of course, you won’t be left with a hole where your tooth is supposed to be – a new tooth will be custom made and put in the empty space, perfectly blending in with the rest of your teeth.

Cosmetic Procedures

If our mouths are perfectly healthy, we might still want to visit the dentist to make our smile look a little better. Procedures like teeth whitening have been rising more and more in popularity, and dental tourism has flourished. Some countries just do better with some procedures or offer better prices. Many people come to Sydney for porcelain veneers, while others travel to central Europe and the Far East for various dental procedures to save some money.

Remember that there is only so much a dentist can do to save your teeth if you are not taking care of them yourself. Make sure you have a good oral health routine in place, including brushing, flossing, eating properly and yes, going on regular check-ups. Some people genetically have better and healthier teeth than others, but without a good routine to maintain them, nobody’s teeth will stay perfect forever. So if you want that perfect smile, you know exactly what you need to do.

The Most Common Dental Procedures Performed by Dentists

Did you know that your dentist could perform a variety of dental procedures? Have you had any of these dental procedures performed on your teeth?