Top 5 Sports for Your Child

Not only is physical activity essential for the healthy growth of your child, but it also has various psychological benefits. Letting your kids spend time outdoors, playing football, basketball or some other sport will help them develop healthy habits that will make their lives much better and keep them healthy. Therefore, choose one or two sports from the myriad of good options to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your child.


One of the reasons you should consider basketball as a sport for your child is the fact that it’s great for their hand-eye coordination. Quick passes and dribbling without looking will improve a child’s coordination. Basketball is also a team sport, so it’s a great way to teach a child teamwork and show them how mutual collaboration with fellow players leads to great success.

A child can already start practicing basketball at the age of four, since their basic motor skills will be developed by then. However, even if you don’t want to expose your child to possible injuries that early on, they will be ready for taking up basketball anytime in their further development as well.

Top 5 Sports for Your Child


Football is another sport that teaches kids that they can’t win alone, but it also helps them improve their time-management skills. It’s a sport that promotes hard work as a prerequisite for success, and it is a great way to spend free time after school.

While football may be risky, leaving your kid with multiple bruises, broken bones and spinal injuries, it is a much safer sport than it was 20 years ago, offering you the opportunity to protect your child much better with various safety equipment.


If you worry about your child’s cardiovascular health, letting them play football is the best way to preserve it. Furthermore, they will learn how to balance while they juggle the ball and look for a teammate to pass it to.

The time they spend running will improve their endurance as well. The age of 9 is the perfect time to let your kid play soccer because they’re young enough to be introduced to athletics and they’re most likely to have a good experience.


Having in mind that drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death to children between the ages of 1 and 14 according to the National Safe Kids Campaign, it’s essential that your child knows how to swim as early as possible. Aside from safety reasons, your kid will also learn time-management skills and will engage various muscle groups into a workout.

Swimming is a great cardio workout as it can also be a high-intensity training. Considering it burns calories very fast, swimming is perfect for dealing with or preventing your child from being overweight. Just put them into top quality kids swimwear and let them enjoy the laps while they also improve their strength, flexibility, and stamina. What’s more, the quality of their lives will be much better, and their posture and balance will be impeccable.

Top 5 Sports for Your Child


Gymnastics develops all skills needed for various sports such as football, volleyball, hockey, and baseball. It is a great foundation for any sport because children get to develop coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, and strength. Gymnastics also teaches resilience and mental toughness, considering you need to understand that no matter how many times you try and fail, it’s essential that you keep going because the more you practice the better you’ll become.

Sports is the best way to teach kids teamwork, improve their motor skills and protect their mental health. Whether your kid chooses basketball, football, soccer, swimming or gymnastics, their quality of life will be much better than the kids’ who don’t participate in any sport.

Finally, even though every sport puts your child at risk of injuries, it’s much healthier for them to stay physically active and let a wound or two heal than keeping them away from sports and watch them suffer from obesity, bad posture or poor cardiovascular health later in life.

Top 5 Sports for Your Child

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