The Ultimate Checklist for Setting Up Your Home Gym

There are many obstacles on one’s path to a perfect figure. The unhealthy food is too delicious, your armchair is too comfortable and season six of your favorite TV show is too interesting for you to just quit watching. On the other hand, there are those with iron will and resolve to look and feel better, but who still dislike the very notion of going to a gym. Some people don’t have a gym in their vicinity, others are appalled

Some people don’t have a gym in their vicinity, others are appalled of the idea of grabbing a weight bar, sweaty from a previous gym member, while there are also those who just dislike crowds. Furthermore, gym membership is not a cheap thing and overtime it costs you a lot of money. Money that could have been better spent. Because of this, making your own gym and working out at home might be a better alternative. Here are some things you should do to make this happen.

Equipping Your Gym

In most cases, when making a home gym, you will be starting from scratch. This means that it will depend on you to buy all those things that you are lacking like weights, foam rollers, dumbbells and even some workout machinery. On the other hand, your funds may be quite limited, and there are some there is no need to include right away. In fact, there are only 7 gym machines that are actually worth using, some of which are.

  • Horizontal seated leg press
  • Lat pull-down
  • Cable bar (for both biceps and triceps)

No need for a Treadmill

One of the things most people fail to realize is that a treadmill is not mandatory. The thing about it is that while costing arm and a leg, it has numerous inexpensive alternatives.

  • Jump rope: Considered by many to be the supreme cardio exercise.
  • Punching bag: Cheap, fun and along with jump rope the most holistic of cardio exercises.
  • Rowing machine: Great for your entire body since it affects the insane amount of muscles.
  • Gym cycle: Extremely budget friendly, since it costs only a fraction of treadmill’s price.

Not only do these items cost next to nothing (at least when compared to a treadmill), but they often even outperform it. Speaking of cost-efficiency it doesn’t get any better. If, however, you still feel that you need a treadmill be very careful when buying it.

The Ultimate Checklist for Setting Up Your Home Gym

Care for the Air

First things first, while you work out, you breathe more heavily and the sweat from your body evaporates, making the air in the room musky. Furthermore, a workout is always accompanied by unpleasant smells, which is why you need to make sure that your home gym’s air is never stale.

  • Get an air conditioning: This will act as a genuine lifesaver during the hotter part of the year and will improve the circulation of the air.
  • Install an air duct: By installing air ducts and covering them with custom grilles, you will ensure that there is always some fresh air in the room.
  • Open all the windows: One more thing you can do is develop the habit of opening all the windows after you are finished with your daily exercise.

Wrapping it Up

Of course, not everything in your gym is exercise related and if you want to transform your home gym into a true workout haven, here are few final accessories to add to it.

  •  Mirrors: Some would jokingly say that mirrors are a number one gym accessory. However, they are not there to just feed your ego, but also for you to see if you are doing any of the exercises incorrectly.
  • Motivational posters: Having a motivational poster or two, to keep you going, when it gets tough, is never a bad idea.
  •  Stereo system: Finally, there is nothing better than working out to the right tune. This simple, and completely natural, performance enhancer is not something to be underestimated.

As you can see, making your own gym is not that complicated, but there are a lot of things you would need to do. Forgetting a tiny detail can change everything, but at the end of the day, this is what the checklists are there for. Good luck and have fun!

About the Author:

Derek Lotts strives to find a healthy way of living. In his pursuit, he has gained the knowledge he is eager to share. You can follow him on Twitter.

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What type of equipment do you have in your home gym? Do you have any missing items from this checklist for setting up your home gym that you need to purchase?