My Weight Loss Journey – Week 13

My Weight Loss Journey Week 13

I started my weight loss journey 13 weeks ago. I didn’t lose nor gain any weight this week.

My current weight is 209.6.

Last week was super busy and it felt like the week flew by so fast. On Thursday, I had to have the dogs at the vet’s office early and we had decided to bomb our house too since the dogs weren’t going to be in the house. It ended up being the perfect day, it wasn’t too hot outside so I was able to air out the house once we got back.

I was able to get my first dose of my new medication for the rheumatoid arthritis. I’m praying that it helps me. They did warn me that it might take 6 to 8 weeks for it to be effective. I also heard from my aunt and she told me that no one on my mom’s side of the family was diagnosed with RA. So it doesn’t appear to be influenced by genetics but who knows.

I stayed on track with logging everything I ate into MyFitness Pal.

I am still going to physical therapy once a week. He started adding weights to my arms. I am getting close to being discharged and will be on my own soon. This is going to be hard and I’m hoping that I can get a gym membership so that I can continue what I have started. Keeping my muscles strong will prevent injury and help keep my joints stable.

Here are my current goals for this week:

  • eat more vegetables – This is a work in progress.
  • continue my physical therapy exercises at home on days that I don’t go to physical therapy – epic fail
  • continue eating 1600 calories or less a day
  • drink more water every day – I haven’t drank very much water at all so this is still a work in progress for me.
  • continue taking 2 burpless fish oil capsules and B-12 vitamins from Nature Made

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Do you have any weight loss goals? What can I do to help you with your weight loss goals?