My Weight Loss Journey – Week 15

My Weight Loss Journey Week 15

I started my weight loss journey 15 weeks ago. I woke up this morning and my hands felt puffy. I don’t know if it is my rheumatoid arthritis flaring up or if I am just retaining water. Who knows. I ended up gaining a bit of weight and need to get back into the swing of things again.

My current weight is 212.

I feel like I haven’t been doing as good with my weight loss journey the last few weeks. We traveled to Austin, TX last Thursday to see my daughter graduate from high school. I am a proud mom. She was born deaf and has overcame so many obstacles to achieve her dreams. I will share her story in a few weeks about her hearing loss. Stay tuned.

On Friday evening, we went to the ballpark to watch the Texas Rangers with my husband’s coworkers. It was a ton of fun and we got to see the Firework show at the end of the game. We ended up sitting in some really good seats despite being in the nosebleed section. You could see the entire field and the view was amazing.

I stayed on track with logging everything I ate into MyFitness Pal, even when I end up eating junk food. I log it all because I want to be honest with myself.

Here are my current goals for this week:

  • eat more vegetables – This is a work in progress.
  • continue my physical therapy exercises at home or do some type of exercise at least twice a week
  • continue eating 1600 calories or less a day
  • drink more water every day – I haven’t drank very much water at all so this is still a work in progress for me.
  • continue taking 2 burpless fish oil capsules and B-12 vitamins from Nature Made

I went to my very last physical therapy appointment. I have come a long way and am pleased with my progress.

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Do you have any weight loss goals? What can I do to help you with your weight loss goals?