Working Out As a Family – Four Creative Ways to Get More Active With Your Kids

Have you considered working out as a family? As a mom, I realize that it can be difficult to fit workouts into a busy schedule, especially with kids at home that need your attention. But because the whole family feels at their best and healthiest when they’re active, here are some activities to try with your kids that can get you all moving.

Working Out As a Family - Four Creative Ways to Get More Active With Your Kids

Walk or Run for Charity

Joining a fun run for charity is a great activity for all ages. Most of these types of events have special, modified activities and shorter tracks for younger children. Road races are challenging enough, but for added fun consider a color run, mud run, or other obstacle course activity when it comes to entertaining children.

When you participate in a walk or run for a local charity you also know that you are giving back to community members in need. Raise money by encouraging your friends and family members to contribute to the greater good.

Take full advantage of race day by making fun memories and taking lots of pictures to remember your exciting, tiring, wet, colorful, and sweaty day.


Gardening for Family Exercise

Gardening in your own backyard can be an active and healthy activity: it uses all the major muscle groups and gets you outside in the fresh air as well.

If you don’t have a garden of your own you can volunteer at a local community garden at least once a week. Urban gardens are popping up in city centers around the country, so there’s no excuse to not get your hands in the dirt once and awhile. As a bonus, you can usually walk away with fresh and seasonal produce as well, which will make it easier to stay fit and healthy as a family.


Geocaching combines treasure hunting with hiking and makes a great full-family activity. To participate, sign up with a national or international organization and learn the rules.

The premise is simple: participants navigate themselves to given coordinates using a GPS device. Depending on your endurance level, you can find treasure boxes as close as a park near your home or more difficult boxes located farther away, such as in National parks. Once you find the box, check out the goodies inside and leave a few goodies of your own for the next treasure hunters.

Backyard Camping

camping and hiking to work out as a family

With backyard camping, you can get all the benefits of getting back to nature without the long car trips, packing, and exposure to dangerous and irritating plants. Set the tent or your travel trailer up in the yard and barbecue some meals. If you don’t want to buy a used RV for your camping adventure you can easily rent trailers, tents, and other equipment as well.

If leaf burning is allowed in your area in the fall, you can also construct a makeshift secret fire pit as part of the day’s activities. Consider combining yard cleanup with your night-time pit-lighting ritual.

In the evening you can throw a blanket out on the lawn and stargaze. Try to map the constellations using a star guide. Later you can look up the origins of the astronomical myths and legends on the internet.

Getting your whole family active doesn’t have to be a chore, and it doesn’t need to involve screens! With a few clever activities you can spend quality family time together while growing stronger, faster, and healthier in the process.

Have you considered working out as a family?