Workout Motivation Tips that Actually Work

We all know that exercise is healthy and that we should be doing plenty of it. But still, most of us don’t wake up wanting to exercise, and would rather spend our time in some lazier ways. So, we need to boost our motivation and make ourselves want to exercise more, as hard as it may seem. It’s fine, you’re not alone, and if thousands of people around the world can motivate themselves to go for that run, you can too! And here’s how we suggest keeping up with your workout motivation:

Do What you Love

It’s impossibly hard to make yourself wake up an hour earlier than usual so you can go for a jog before work if running is something you’ve never enjoyed doing. There is a simple solution: don’t jog. Do something else instead. We all have an activity we love, and while we might have to do some searching to find the perfect fit, it is out there somewhere. Doing something that you love is your best workout motivation to meet your long-term fitness goals.

It might a be a team sport like volleyball, soccer or hockey, where you will have the constant support of the people around you and feel an obligation as a vital part of the team. Try something fun like dancing, where you can relate the exercise to a fun night out or playing with your kids. Or perhaps what you need is to relax, in which case steady, repetitive moves, like ones found in yoga, cycling, rope skipping and jogging are the best fit. Looking forward to the exercise will make it easier to form habits and keep up with a routine.

Have a Support System

A support system is crucial to forming the best workout motivation and keeping up with an exercise routine. Firstly, this means having the support of your housemates: no grouching when you get up early, teasing about getting to lunch in gym clothes, or dragging you away from your routine.

Secondly, you need a motivator. This is either your workout buddy whom you can rely on to get you out of the house even on the laziest of days, or it can be a personal trainer whom you will pay and feel the obligation to see often. But perhaps the most effective for some people is to be a partner.

If you know that someone else is relying on you to get them out of bed and into the gym, you will be more motivated to do it yourself. Without this support network, it’s very easy to give up and go back to the couch, when you know you should be moving your body.

Get Pumped

Whether that means watching Rocky every time before you go to the gym or following plenty of fitness coaches or motivators on Instagram, find something that will get you looking forward to going through your workout. This also means having that motivation while you’re working out.

We can’t always have people next to us, cheering for us, but get a pair of high-quality wireless headphones that won’t get in the way while you’re working out, and play music that gets you ready to go, listen to motivational speeches or even a podcast or audiobooks.

Workout Motivation Tips that Actually Work

Have all the Gear

If you’re going to a gym, then you can find all you need there, but if you are working out at home, it’s not a bad idea to invest in some basic gear that will help you with your workouts. You should also get the clothes, shoes and other accessories that allow you to move freely and feel good while doing it.

Avoid cotton because it will soak up the moisture, and stick to activewear brands that know how to make something you can exercise in. You don’t have to invest too much at the very beginning, but as you progress, you might find yourself wanting to invest more, and that’s how you know that your workout habit is getting stronger.

After a while, you will notice your body – and more importantly, your mind – changing, and you will feel unmotivated and tired if you skip a workout. But until you get there, keep a vision board or diary that will remind you that you are doing this to get healthier and achieve your goals, and that should give you the motivation boost when you are feeling down.

Workout Motivation Tips that Actually Work

How do you keep your workout motivation alive?