Yoga and Health as a Perfect Couple

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for past couple of decades, you’ve doubtlessly heard of yoga. The numerous spiritual, as well as physical benefits it brings upon have resulted in people practicing this activity for ages now. However, although it’s been around for quite a while now, a vast majority of people, even those who are actively practicing yoga, is unaware of all the benefits it entails. This is why we’ve come up with this article, which will hopefully enable you to properly practice it, regardless of whether you’ve engaged in this activity previously, or not.

Understanding Yoga

As we’ve already mentioned, yoga brings the physical and mental together, in order to help you achieve harmony between your body and mind. If done properly, it will help you relax and deal with stress and anxiety. Offering many styles, forms and intensities, hatha yoga is one of the most common styles in this world. The basic components of hatha and most general yoga classes boil down to:

Breathing – Using yoga to control your breathing, which can further help you control your body and calm your mind.

Poses – A series of movements thought up with strength and flexibility increase in mind, yoga poses or postures range from lying down completely relaxed, to difficult stances, making you stretch your physical limits even further.

Meditation and relaxation – Meditation will help you learn how to be more aware of the present moment and more mindful, in general.

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The Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga means a whole lot, when it comes to paying compliments to your health, physical, as well as mental. There’s a reason many people around the globe are still actively practicing yoga and the health benefits are numerous:

Muscle strength – There is a difference between making your muscles look good and using your quality musculature for a better stance and posture. The former will do wonders for your confidence and outlook, while the latter will do both that and prevent medical issues such as back pain, arthritis and even falls, when it comes to elderly people. Building your strength at the gym means being able to lift larger weights; building your strength through yoga means balancing your strength with flexibility – something far more important.

Flexibility improving – On the previous note, flexibility is one of the primary benefits of yoga. Most of us won’t be able to touch our toes during the first class, but in a matter of weeks, you could well be on your way towards doing a proper backband. If you stick with it, you’ll feel gradual loosening, eventually being able to do what you thought was impossible months ago. Just make sure you opt for proper yoga teacher training, and you’ll not only be able to achieve yoga perfection, but also preach everything it entails onto others, which is a unique, awarding experience, in itself.

Perfect posture – Rare are those activities that can make one achieve a perfect posture, but yoga is definitely one of these. When it comes to posture, your head is the part of your body that makes for all the trouble. If you hold it directly over your spine, you’ll feel much less strain and struggle, than when you move it a mere couple of inches forward. What yoga does is it enables you to gradually make the upright posture become something of a second nature to you, causing you to feel significantly less tense and generally more capable of making a variety of movements.

The benefits of yoga are that of many, but most of these include health ones, physical or otherwise. Make sure you opt for proper yoga classes and learn this unique skill, which will definitely change your life forever.

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